Protect Your Paver Investment as Well as Enhance it’s Beauty with Stonescape Products. You have chosen pavers for their long-lasting beauty and durability.
To preserve you paver’s original appearance, it is important to clean and protect it right from the start. Protection early on, can lead to less or no maintenance later. Most surfaces are porous and will allow foreign objects to penetrate the surface. Applying sealant will eliminate any possibility of any penetration which could cause staining, spalling, chipping, or cracking. Stonescape Sealant is available in 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon containers. Sealant need only be applied in a single coat every 2 to 3 years.

*** Stonescape Supply also carries SRW Paver Cleaning Products.
Five good reasons to seal your pavers:
1. Sealing your pavers helps protect the surface of the brick colors. After exposure to weather and traffic, eventually the color and the surface of the paver will wear away. The age of the brick becomes very apparent and the brick will actually lose the smooth appearance that it has from the factory. Sealing will prevent the surface from wearing down and will prolong the life of the paver.
2. Sealing your pavers will help prevent staining. In the fall, the trees start losing their leaves and sometimes if a leaf lays on a concrete too long, it will tend to leave a brownish outline stain. Sealing will help prevent that mark from penetrating into the brick and staining.
3. Sealing your pavers will bind the sand in the paver joints. Without sealer, many people tend to find that the sand in their paver joints will tend to wash away over time. The sealer will actually harden the sand to the point that if a paver was removed, the sand would actually have to be chipped away from the paver. In addition to holding the sand in place, the hardened joints will help prevent weeds and other plants to germinate in the sand.
4. Sealing your pavers will help prevent insect intrusion in the joints. Most people have found that ants will make their homes anywhere. Sealing your pavers will help keep those pesky intrusions from occurring or at least down to a minimum.
5. Sealing your pavers will enhance the color of your pavers. Sealing your pavers will beautify your hardscape project. The sealer will bolden the color of the brick and will actually give the pavers the “wet look.”

Download the Stonescape Supply Stain Guide to help care for your pavers.